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The 7th arrondissement actually has a lot to see, though it is so often left out of conversation when it comes to the districts of Paris. Home to the iconic Invalides property, the 7th is more culturally driven than a lot of the adjacent neighborhoods. You feel isolated and private, in spite of being just a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars.

Hotel Juliana — by Hotel Juliana — Sourced from their website. Hotel Juliana is not as glitzy as some of the other 5 star hotels around the city. The interior is simple and classic, you feel more at home and less aware of being a guest in an establishment — if that makes sense. The breakfast buffet at Hotel Juliana is reason enough to book this hotel alone. Fresh croissants and pastries first thing in the morning, as you sip on a pot of tea overlooking the Paris skyline. Quite exceptional! Perhaps the best part about Hotel Juliana is being so close to the Seine and being able to walk the banks during sunset, without ever being too far from home.

This is one of the favorite hotels in all of Paris. Located right in the heart of Pigalle , Maison Souquet is a poetic example of Parisian up cycling at its finest. The building used to be the location of one of the most bustling brothels in all of France back in the day. Maison Souquet — by Maison Souquet — Sourced from their website. The building that now houses the Maison Souquet hotel, was one of them. Wood is used throughout and the furniture is ornate, to say the least. Maison Souquet is not a large hotel, and staying here feels very personal.

For everyone who values skylines and views, this is the 5 star hotel that delivers. Shangri-La is on the Right Bank, almost on the bank of the Seine. In its immediate surroundings it is circled by museums and points of cultural interest. The terrace bar of the hotel is what brings in the most visitors. The deck has one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower in the whole city. On Bastille Day , the city of Paris hosts the only fireworks display on the grounds of the Tower.

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Shangri-La is the best seat in the house for this event. It is the epitome of French luxury. It is an architectural wonder, boasting rooms and a plethora of amenities within its walls. The courtyard is overgrown from floor to sky with greenery, in between the foliage bright red shade canopies peek out; the contrast of the green and red is quite something.

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Despite being such a large hotel, the staff are careful to care for each individual guest as best they can. This is a relatively new addition to the Parisian 5 star hotel scene.


The Alfred Sommier Hotel opened its doors not long ago in It can be found in the Madeleine district of the 8th arrondissement. One of the most extraordinary churches you'll ever see, this royal medieval chapel with its impressive gothic architecture and stunning 13th-century stained glass windows, is not to be missed. Every summer, several spots around the city are transformed into pop-up beaches , each with its own unique theme. From sandy shores on the right bank in the center of the city to water sports at the Bassin de la Villette, these urban beaches bring a taste of the Riviera to Paris.

Arguably the coolest, hippest, liveliest space for modern and contemporary art in Paris, the Palais de Tokyo is currently closed as new exhibitions are installed and will reopen June 23, with an entirely fresh collection. There are several secret nightclubs and lounges hidden around the city that make your evening out feel more clandestine and exclusive. There's the exceptionally popular Experimental Cocktail Club , which pretty much started the craft cocktail scene in Paris.

It's accessible via a barely-marked door on a side street off the famed Rue Montorgeuil. From the same people behind ECC we get Le Ballroom du Beef Club , which you get to by an unmarked black door to the left of the Beef Club restaurant, and then down a spiral staircase.

Another speakeasy-style gem is Moonshiner. To get to the old-school lounge, you must walk to the back of the restaurant Pizza Da Vito and through the door of their walk-in freezer.

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To access this revived hotel bar you must venture down a private-access street, buzz on the intercom and say "prendre un verre" "have a drink" to be permitted entry. It's worth the hassle once inside—interiors are quintessentially Parisian with plush velvet seating in a lush secret garden with black-and-white tile floors and a glass-enclosed terrace. If you're looking for a challenge with your happy hour, Le Lavomatic pictured is where things get next-level tricky.

First, you enter into an unassuming, fully functional laundromat. Then, you must find the washing machine that opens up to reveal the spindly spiral staircase that leads up to the bar on the third floor of the building. Once you're in, the traditional speakeasy experience dissipates—no dim lighting or heavy wooden furniture here—the entire space is decorated in bold, bright colors, accented with quirky laundry motifs, and hanging swings.

Paris's answer to the High Line?


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No—the original High Line. Separating the Louvre from the Place de la Concorde, the elegant Tuileries Gardens provide the perfect setting for a relaxing stroll. The French-style landscaping features statues and art throughout, two tranquil ponds, plus a ferris wheel and old-fashioned carousel.

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  • Only recently made viewable to the public, Gustave Eiffel's secret personal apartment is perched on the third level of the tower. The petite space is still decorated in much of the original furnishings from when the architect used it as a cozy, quiet hideaway, as well as a spot for hosting prestigious guests. Of course, no trip to the City of Light is complete without a stop at the Louvre. The central landmark is instantly recognizable by the iconic I. Pei designed glass pyramids that sit out front. Inside, you'll find a massive collection of over , objects and 35, works of art—including, yes, the Mona Lisa.

    This stunning church sits atop the highest point in the city, overlooking Paris from the summit of Montmartre. Climb its famed steps and enjoy the views and be sure to explore the surrounding area while you're there—it's one of the most untouched, authentically Parisian neighborhoods in the city. Take your pick of any of the several restaurants housed in the Eiffel Tower. On the first level you'll find 58 Tour Eiffel, which is open for lunch and dinner with breathtaking city views.

    Le Jules Verne is one floor up on the second level, offering exquisite contemporary French cuisine in an elegant, modern atmosphere.