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The outcomes of these issues are determined by the condition of Sun, 8th house lord, and additional influences of other planets on the Sun in the birth chart. Accordingly, if the Sun is well-placed in its favorable sign friendly and strong in the 8th house, it indicates minor health issues that can be cured easily which ultimately strengthens the immune system.

Sun in own sign becomes the 8th house lord, the placement of which in the 8th house amplifies the positive outcomes and results of significations of Sun and the 8th house. Furthermore, when Sun is exalted in the 8th house, it indicates being resistant to long-term diseases which promotes long life with stable health and strong immunity. The positive results are further supported by the beneficial placement of the 8th house lord in its favorable sign friendly, own or sign of exaltation , where it gains strength and increases longevity.

Alternatively, when Sun is well-placed in the 8th house, while 8th house lord is ill-placed, it indicates good health while longevity is decreased. Similarly, when Sun is damaged in the 8th house while the 8th lord is in great condition, it indicates good longevity, but troubles related to long-term illnesses at some periods of life according to movement and periods of Sun — Dasha, and Antardasha.

Sun in own sign in the 8th house is the best case scenario as Sun becomes lord of the 8th house, the placement of which in the 8th house brings out mostly positive results out of beneficial signification of the considered house. The fiery and passionate Sun in the 8th house which is represented by other fiery and even more passionate planet Mars indicates overindulgence and sexual vices.

If uncontrolled, these vices can bring lots of health troubles and in extreme cases, chronic STDs. Alternatively, if the Sun is strong and well-placed in the 8th house, it indicates controlled sexual energies and abstention from illicit sexual activities, which saves from chronic ailments. Sun, being a planet of light, is able to guide a person out of the darkest periods and events, which are signified by the 8th house.

Moreover, the considered combination promotes spiritual advancement as well by experiencing and overcoming difficult periods in life, which ultimately increase the strength, durability, and wisdom. Spiritual advancement is further supported by the matter of fact that planet Sun is the universal significator of souls.

Additionally, the likelihood of spiritual advancement can be measured by the condition of the Sun in the 8th house and the lord of the 8th house. Therefore, if the Sun and 8th house lord are strong and well-placed, it indicates the gain of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment of the soul.

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However, the natural effect and meaning of 8th house house of difficulties or Dushtana Bhava will always be there regardless the strength of Sun and 8th lord — upheavals and hardships in life which motivate and initiate the interest to discover the meaning of life and soul. Ultimately, the overcoming of hard events in life, which are caused by Dushtana Bhavas by bringing out and challenging the most vulnerable aspects of mind, body, and soul increases the strength, wisdom, and courage.

Sun, the planet of the soul, in the house of tantric, occult, and hidden knowledge is capable of blessing with great healing abilities. The 8th house also denotes unexpected changes in wealth — both gains and losses. By default, Sun in the 8th house gives mixed results of both — gives wisdom and skill of tax evasion, but also attracts authoritative figures and huge penalties.

Other than that, it indicates fluctuating financial stability and financial dangers because of being spendthrift or impulsive regarding decisions about wealth. Additional results and modifications depending on the condition of the Sun and the 8th lord whether a sudden increase or decrease in wealth will be witnessed.

Accordingly, if the Sun is strong and well-placed, it indicates minor unexpected gains. Furthermore, if Sun is in own sign or exalted in the 8th house, it indicates an abundant amount of gains and discovery of hidden treasures — in modern days it means finding source of the unlimited passive income stream. Alternatively, if the Sun is damaged, it indicates unexpected losses of wealth and possessions caused by thieves, authoritative figures because of tax evasion, unpaid bills and debts, and similar or other unfortunate events, such as accidents, natural disasters and so forth.

The favorable placement of Sun and the 8th house lord indicates great harmony in relationship with the family members of marriage partner. Equally, it indicates In-Laws having caring and compassionate attitude. Whereas the ill placement of Sun and the 8th lord indicates the opposite.

Sun signifies the Father and its placement in the 8th house indicates the secretive and mysterious nature of him. If Sun and 8th lord is well-placed, it indicates father being involved in hidden activities — he may be successful in activities related to crime investigation, occult sciences, emergency services and so forth. In addition to that, it blesses with great health, longevity, and not to mention, ample wealth. If Sun is having a great amount of Shadbala strength, positive influences from favorable planets, and involved with other Yogas in the birth chart, it indicates being victorious and becoming famous, renowned, and celebrated in society for valorous deeds.

As Sun, the planet of authority is involved in the Yoga, it indicates great status and authoritative position as well.

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  8. Your email address will not be published. Sun in the Twelfth House connects with the energies of Pisces and its ruler Jupiter. Sun signifies soul, self, self-esteem, self-confidence, fame, recognition, Father, authority and authoritative figures, overall personality, ego, head, eyes — including Read more….

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    Eighth House Sun in relation to Earth Having Sun in the 8th house means being born afternoon when Sun prepares its energies with the help of the strength of Mars in order to resist the hard events related to the fall of the Sun or sunset. Results of Sun in Eighth House Constitution Generally, the positioning of Sun in the 8th house indicates thin constitution thin muscles and bones of the body. Overly Passionate The fiery and passionate Sun in the 8th house which is represented by other fiery and even more passionate planet Mars indicates overindulgence and sexual vices.

    But for me I still felt distant, and that there were other people out there I could connect with better. If they did, I would most likely be closer to them. Anyway, over time I tended not to maintain the relationship with some of them as much as I used to because of this.

    I suppose you could say given their age, some of them were a year or two younger and one was still in high school, they may not have matured to the degree I have. I never heard back from her, and I guess you could account that as the time when I held a grudge.

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    I have theory as to why she may not have wanted to be with just me, and not the group. It may have been too much for her to handle emotionally back to me trying to understand Pisces, and she said she was very emotional. She seemed to be this way with different people we hung out with as well. I am a Scorpio Sun and so is my boyfriend. We have been together a year and have never argued, however, we had a small disagreement 3 weeks ago and he left my house angry.

    I have apologised and asked for us to sort it out but he gas ignored everything. We have made so many future plans with each other I feel shocked and sad that he has behaved like this to me. Can anyone advise me please? Time I have found changes you and your perspections in life and that the pain evolves us into being the phoenix one who soars alone. What I am finding since I had a great teacher, is that I am surrounded by people, that are close to me, have a lot of Gemini energy as long as they have evolved and have left their forked tongues behind. I also find alot of Aries energy in my friends charts as I like the ambition they show, maybe these two signs are teaching me to be a little less cautious.

    We all want to be evolved, but evolution of the soul and truly seeing is a life long process. I am a scorp born on November 17th. I am an accomplished adult, have wonderful kids and I just completed my MBA degree.

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    I am very loyal to those I consider my friends, and my employer. Once had a scorpio boyfriend that one day we just never talked again, after dating for one year and one to many head games. I enjoyed your honesty about your fear of the Scorpio. I am a Scorpio — Nov. I have used the free chart drawing tool which revealed the very same chart as I paid to have done. I am Saggitarius: Venus, Mars, and Rising.

    I am Virgo: Uranus, Pluto and Midheaven. As it was explained to me by another astrologer, This very well could be my last incarnation. I sure hope so — I really have learned so much in my incarnated lives that I much prefer to exist in my spiritual form! I have personally experienced the fearful reaction of people, throughout my life. As a very evolved Scorpio, my motto is all about helping others to help themselves, showing compassion and understanding, IF they reveal themselves to me, knowingly.

    This past two years has been probably the most challenging for me personally, as it has been challenging to most everyone. I seek the truth at all times, and I wait in wonder for what the Universe reveals to me. I have been a sensative since I was very young and overly sensative just as long. Give me some feedback — anyone! I love the suggestion of evolution in the signs! Though in the back of my mind, I always associated non-Scorpio traits due to my Chinese Zodiac.

    Ha ha ha! What a Scorpio! I totally relate to your depth and sincerity.

    Each Zodiac Sign's Favorite Erogenous Zone, Based On Astrology

    It annoys me greatly. So what if I bite your head off, it still lives and I still love it. Plus, we can just sew it right back on!

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    With the minor grudges… Uh! I do that! Even something as small as a little light joke, to make me laugh and distract me from my peeve, would suffice as amendment. AND to be a genuinely good person. Poor thing! I know that I could never live with my Scorpio friend, or any of my friends or family members, especially my Taurus sister.

    But I have also been very sensitive all my life, Sarah. But I figured I just need a bit more Life Exposure. My daughter truly can see thru me and she gets me. I have a pretty intense household with all the Scorpio energy lol. You must be logged in to post a comment. Posted in Sun Signs. From a young age, I also developed a love for expressing my thoughts on paper - especially the buried ones. Turns out my soul had other plans. A series of life events pulled me into astrology and I was awakened to embrace my true life direction. Today, I see how it all fits. My background in psychology and love of communication are natural compliments to a unique profession as a counseling astrologer.